Welcome to today’s Supraland review. Supraland is a first person MetroidVania style puzzle game. Supraland was inspired and styled as a combination of Zelda, Metroid, and Portal. We’ll be looking at Supraland gameplay and talking about how the puzzles in Supraland come together. Are they good, are they bad?

All in all, Supraland was a great game.

With all of that said, enjoy this Supraland review.

Supraland is currently available on Steam for PC.

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14 thoughts on “Supraland Review – First-person MetroidVania?.. Surprisingly awesome!”

  • JustinMyOpinion says:

    Thanks to everyone for taking time to watch this review!

    If you want to see any particular review, please leave a comment and let me know what games you're looking forward to! Otherwise, any feedback is greatly appreciated, and don't forget to smash that like button and subscribe if you like the content!

  • I was realy surprised with this game…Probably one of my favorite games of 2019…been hooked on it since I got it and i'm only at 49%

  • Thanks for the review, seems fair. I thoroughly enjoy this game, it has a lot of integrity and is very balanced in my view. I also really enjoy going back to unlock previously unaccessible treasures. The secrets are well distributed and worth going for. Even the side missions feel like they are part of the story. But I also had no expectations and nothing to compare it to. A game made with love

  • Hi, first of all great review ! I stumbled upon your video by coincidence and I'm amazed by the quality of your review, you give out your own opinion in a very sincere manner it seems.
    I've played the game a few times over even though starting over doesn't bring anything new and you now every puzzle and all, so you can consider that I'm all for this game and quite to the extreme.
    Anyway I just wanted to inform you that completing the game to 100% will mak you incounter a much more difficult fight that requires you to get many upgardes. Therefore even though the hidden upgrades and secrets aren't mandatory to complete the game, they end up being very useful to finish the game completely and that gives you a reason to hunt down every last chest. And, might I add, one of the last upgrade you unlock makes getting around the world so enjoyable and is
    definitely worth the effort.
    Good luck with you channel, I wish you all the best.

  • nice review man 😀 keep it up, try to review new games as much as possible as soon as possible. cuz i literally found 2 reviews on this game and if i found some famous yt guy who already reviewed this game, for sure would not watch your video. this way people must watch your video, cuz no big youtuber made the review and you will attract a looot of people who see your potential 😀

  • You lost me at simple combat… Also, the running animation with the sword constantly popping in and out, even passing the center of the screen crosshair, is extremely annoying to look at, in my opinion of course

  • Surprisingly sound review for such a small channel. You should do well with this, the game is popular and Youtube is full of "first look/gameplay" which are usually lazy, tedious experiences where the uploader thinks scratching their nads whilst working out the UI makes for content.

  • FernBymob - Le Video Gamer Dev says:

    Thanks for the review! I agree with what you're saying!
    There's only one thing, I don't know where I saw this, but on my side, even before buying the game, it was clear that the game was inspired by Portal, Zelda and Metroid! (Oh I remember now, it was on the Steam page! In the description!) Also, at the end of the trailer, you can see a chart pie, clearly showing that the exploration and puzzles are a big part of the game compare to the fighting…

    So on my side, it wasn't a surprise! 😉

    Thanks anyway, I still think this is a great review!

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