Taylor’s 7th studio album ‘Lover’ delivers whimsy, romance and light with airy pop and a glimmer of country. What do we think?

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3 thoughts on “Taylor Swift – Lover (Album Review)”

  • Artificial Gummies says:

    Personally, Paper Rings though London Boy are the best songs off the record for me. I really enjoy Jack’s production and I found the melodies on songs to be memorable. Paper and London are cheesy but so catchy, putting a smile on my face, while Cornelia and Dbatc are earwarm melodic and emotional moments.

    The Archer and Lover are also some pretty great songs for me. I’m indifferent or don’t care for the rest.

    The worst tracks for me are False God, the Opener, and ME!

  • Guadalupe Vlček says:

    Love your reviews dude. I think i'll have to listen the album a little bit more so it maybe grows on me. Im not a huge fan of Taylor but really enjoyed 1989 and Speak Now.
    I always thought that Taylor is better businesswoman than artist. I don't know, all this lover pink theme it seems to me like a way to attract younger demographics and I would really like to hear more 30ish song themes.
    Also, delicate is one of my favorite Taylor songs.

  • Music Of a Century says:

    I feel like this is Taylor's "Vespertine" era/album just because of how she is hailing this person as her Lover and imo this album also has a bridal theme to it or that could be just me.

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