32 thoughts on “TEA TREE OIL RUINED MY FACE & How I Cleared it Back Up”

  • When I started using a tea tree facial oil, I developed TONS of tiny tiny tiny bumps all over my face! They didnt hurt but I couldnt get them to go away. I stopped using it and they continued to spread like a rash and my face looked like a bed of gravel, and I have never ever had that kind of acne. It was definitely more of a rash than a breakout, and it isn't going away 🙁

  • Niyati Wankhede says:

    I had this reaction with the neutrogena acne facewash, after just two uses! My skin was red and sensitive and super irritated.

  • I got tea tree oil cleanser, mask and moisturiser from the body shop and my skin started breaking out sooooo much. I had 0 pimples or marks on my skin and after using these products i had huge painful pimples all over my face and i am still struggling to get it under control although it has much reduced now. It took me a month to realise that it was because of this tea tree oil thing as i had only heard good reviews and was unaware of the allergies and reactions. Not blaming the product as i am sure it must work wonderfully for the people who aren’t allergic to it, but if anyone knows how to fix this please tell me and i am really sick and tired of my skin now. I have never struggled in my life this much for my skin as i have in these last 6 months eh!


  • Simplyunicornlife says:

    When I was in the shop I asked someone for guidance in picking a skincare routine, they said that the tea tree is preferably for over 20+ as it's quite strong.

  • Sumaiya Tithi says:

    Same thing happened with me righy now…i Don't know what should i do just right now. … Around the lip acne makes it worst…..😭😭

  • The body shop gives free skin consultations to tell you your skin type and what are the best products for you. I was suggested tea tree oil face wash, for my oily skin, aloe vera toner for my sensitive skin, and drops of youth night cream, for my dry skin. So I have combination skin. If I used full on tea tree oil on my skin, this would happen too. My skin in so clear is amazing!

  • Tea tree oil breaks my face out when I don’t wear makeup. But whenever I wear Makeup, I use tea tree face cleanser in a foam dispenser, then use tea tree oil after. I don’t get any more pimples. So it depends whether or not I’m wearing makeup.

  • I don’t have acne but tea tree is supposed to be good for that but not if you have highly sensitive skin. I don’t know if it’s put you off but try the aloe vera, it’s good for dry and sensitive skin.

  • I have dry skin and sensitive and people who work in the body shop told me to get aloe vera, tea tree wouldn’t have been good for you. It didn’t cause it but it didn’t help. I’ve noticed people go for tea tree because it’s the most popular one but it states the skin type on it, if your skin was that bad you should have tested the product before you used it continuously.

  • Nahdalia Andani says:

    I used this product a very long time ago and it broke my face as well, I used this product and also their spot acne treatment which is also labeled as tea tree oil, and yeah, that's when I know I'm allergic to tea tree oil stuffs or maybe just the tea tree line products from the body shop. I recommend anyone don't buy this product if you've very sensitive skin, and watch lots of videos not just good reviews. Now that I found this video, I'm very much agree.

  • This doesn't happen to everyone so maybe don't blame the product. maybe its just your skin type because tea tree oil does not work for everyone..

  • I really don't know if tea tree is for oily skin,i mean they say tea tree for sensitive skin (indonesia) and then he said vitamin e is for normal face and the blue one is for oily face,but when i try it myface was really dry!and then yeah i used the body shop tea tree nothing change,the scar from pimples doesn't gone but rn the pimples really rarely to appear,and i want to go back with vitamin E (pink one) and bom my face was getting worst (firsttimeused tbs is the pink one) and its holy good!then i move to tea tree then the pimples was popping up:),then 1day ago i was buying tea tree night cream its smell different (my other tea tree cream its smell mint) and my Night cream smell Like peanuts,please help me with nicely:D,btw the exp date its also got torn

  • Hessa Aldereih says:

    Maybe ur skin is just sensitive cause I use tee tree oil for when I get pimples like once every 2-3 months, because I’m still young I’m 14 but it works cause the pimples I get are really serious and it removes it and makes my skin so good❤️❤️

  • i had the exact same thing happen to me with that cleanser,and the same thing happened when i put foundation on it’s the worse

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