• Who am i Again? says:

    Ive got epstien in a secure staight jacket in my bassment hillary is on her way were gona make a fucking fortune.With the videos.

  • I wonder how Bernard manning wud go down now .A man walks into a chemist and said have you got a condom that big the chemist says that big it will only fit a mouse man says ye I know mi house is over run wi the fuckers 🇬🇧✌️

  • PMCorbynPresKillary BothElectionsStolen says:

    Thanksgiving is criticized by the Lefties bc Whites came to pillage and kill off Native Americans.
    THAT mentality is based on a lot of MISSING INFO, like the passage of time from the time Pilgrims came to the time of Cortez and President Polk and Gen Pershing.
    Cortez did pillage & rape.
    Gen. Pershing did take land from Mexico, west of the continent, on Pretext, plus warred with Indians East of the nation, then violated treaties, moving the tribes repeatedly, off Reservations once Uranium and Precious Metals and Resources were discovered.
    Here's the Thanksgiving History:
    1. The Native American Indian Squanto felt comfortable enough with the European Pilgrims he met to HELP them with AGRICULTURAL TIPS & TRICKS to SURVIVE, as many of the Pilgrims were decimated by the weather and hunger– not knowing how to plant nor what to plant.
    2. The Pilgrims did survive, having learned to farm from Squanto, then, in the harvest, prepared a feast, and GAVE THANKS to the GOD of the BIBLE.
    3. That some folks today want to CEASE giving THANKS on this Holiday on account that some Whites, other than the Pilgrims, behaved in ways that took land from Native American 1st Nations, is a WHOLE different story.
    The Pilgrims had 0 to do with how OTHER Visitors or SUBSEQUENT generations behaved.
    4. I can GUARANTEE you that if we start INFIGHTING as a Nation, because of the Past Wrongs, so that it DEVIDES US, We, all Americans, the Native American 1st Tribes and White+Black+Asian Americans, shall LOSE THE WHOLE OF THE NATION TO GLOBALISTS.
    So, we need to be ONE, and move as One against the Dems+RINOS, who want Open Borders and Endless Wars, respectively.
    So, YES, HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING, AND Thank You Yahweh for giving us a bounty this year.
    Help us Stand as One against Killary and the EU and UN. Amen.
    And thank You for the Chatters, Super Chatters and Alistair.
    God save the Queen, God save the UK & the USA and all other nations whose Leaders serve you. Amen.

  • Alistair, please take note of this video, a great man used you in his speech tours as be believes you have a great mind, he mentions he would like to talk to you, it would be good for you 2 to meet and share political views – go to 23.07 on this video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkYWiB-MtQQ

  • Gail Henshall says:

    Before I go to my first client! Everyday, I belt this tune out!! #goodthings #notaprozzie #havemyownbusiness #capitalismworks 🤣❤️👍

  • Frank Perrette says:

    When a person from another country says America should do this and do that I hate them but when they are like this guy I love them who am I one who has GOD'S EAR

  • Dogsense Foru says:

    Straws: How many healthy adults need a straw 2 drink? … Esp hot ones: James Dean? Steve McQueen? Rock Hudson? I loathe plastics because (as I care 4 dogs I find myself picking up more thrown away plastic than dog poop) … Why a straw 4 any healthy kids over 8? TBH – excuse 4 straw in take away drink – a coffee never comes with a straw why does a cold drink need one? Perhaps because ice – as it takes up more space – is cheaper?

  • Sophia Carson says:

    Well, you've cracked the case as to why the maga hats are red! Rock on Alistair. (Listen, if you're unaware of him, look into Ralph Ellis on climate.)

  • Jason Hutchison says:

    Lol my father was Choctaw and that side of the family celebrates Thanksgiving. You want to know why? Because we are Thankful for what we have that's the purpose on the holiday, If you want to be an idiot be my guest but I am not going to listen to a bunch of SJW crybabies.So Happy Thanksgiving.

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