How will drama teacher Dan, businessman Abdul and vocal performer Misha fare against games such as Hop and Hide, and Enter Trouser?

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In every episode of The Almost Impossible Gameshow, a number of brave (or mad) contestants pit themselves against incredibly simple, yet insanely difficult, games. The games have titles like: Dizzy Hurdles, Gravy Dunk, Slippy Hill, Trouser Dash, Groin Croissant and Jelly Run. Its fast moving and exciting with an inherent darkness, but the payoff is always funny.

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4 thoughts on “The Almost Impossible Gameshow: Season 2 Episode 2 – UK Game Show | Full Episode | Game Show Channel”

  • The contenders are failing worse than the Season 1 contenders, 2 show already and not one of them has beaten The ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE GAMESHOW

  • KARL was such a arrogant sore-loser when he was told he didn't do SLIPPY HILL properly and then refusing to continue so ended up forfeiting his remaining 14 LIVES for that game in the process.

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