Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review. The best tablet I’ve reviewed with a silly stylus location (Like the iPad Pro)
03:14 – Screen
05:12 – ROM & performance
09:39 – Finger & face unlocking
09:52 – Audio & sample
11:51 – Cameras
12:14 – Stylus
14:13 – eBooks & PDF
15:31 – Gaming
16:33 – Final words Pros & Cons

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44 thoughts on “The Best Android Tablet Of 2019 – Galaxy Tab S6 Review”

  • says:

    03:14 – Screen

    05:12 – ROM & performance

    09:39 – Finger & face unlocking

    09:52 – Audio & sample

    11:51 – Cameras

    12:14 – Stylus

    14:13 – eBooks & PDF

    15:31 – Gaming

    16:33 – Final words Pros & Cons

  • Ghost freak sayem says:

    You should add your name at the beginning of your videos,it'll make you more recognisable.
    AND you could also consider changing your channel name from tech tablets to tech table… it makes more sense 🤞

  • If Samsung continues to produce tablets, I bet Galaxy Tab S7 tablet next year will be the only 5G-enabled Android flagship tablet (hopefully with triple camera setup like Note 10). Sure, Galaxy Fold exists but some people just want the practicality & durability of a professional tablet.

  • TT, we have come to the stage where it is really difficult to please everyone. We are presented with a tablet that is regarded as the best Android tablet ever, with top of the line specs all over, and yet it is regarded as being too expensive. We marvel at the paper-thinness of the device and then decry the fact that they didn't make it thick enough to accommodate a silo for the s-pen. We love the fact that a device is light and mobile, then poo-poo the fact that the s-pen feels light and plasticky. To produce a device like the Tab S6, Samsung has to strike a balance that will produce the best experience for the user, so compromises, and in some cases exclusions, are a must.

    I am slightly baffled by your suggestion of a built-in s-pen. This idea has been done many times, always inevitably ending in a tiny stick-like stylus. Various Tab A devices have been produced with s-pen, but the result is always a stick-like stylus as in Note phones. In fact the 2019 Tab A 8.0 with s-pen has an inbuilt pen like that in a Galaxy Note 8 phone, but this 8 inch tablet results in being millimetres thicker than the 10 inch Tab S6, People have already made it plain that a larger, more pen-like s-pen should be provided with the Tab S devices. It is impossible to include a built-in s-pen in such a thin device while still maintaining its integrity and design.

    I consider your review an excellent one. Your observations are genuine, and based on a solid knowledge of the product. A truly non-biased presentation of the facts. I am looking forward to the next.

  • Hey james i have the tablet but i find lots of issuses on apps. The app enginers can not optimize very good on Android. I know it because i have a Apple ipad. Its the best Android tablet by far but that brings nothing when apps not running bug free. Thanks for your test.

  • no 3.5mm headphone jack .. a big skip for me. especially for a tablet. not gonna limit myself to wireless only there. enough is enough.

  • Dr. donna Walter says:

    This tablet is impressive. I needed a bit more and ended up with a smaller 13" Lenovo Yoga with the pen that stores and flips to easily write on. I would have preferred the options in tablet form but perhaps in the future…who knows…I prefer to keep the headphone jack also and maybe manufacturers will follow those companies who have proven to keep it can be done space wise.

    Thank you. Good review.

  • You should try the ipad mini 5 (2019) or the iPad air 3 (2019lfor the price it's maybe the best tablets right now(450.000 points on antutu) and are cheaper than the Samsung

  • okokok i know says:

    Why is everybody saying 'personal preference'? You don't have to say personal preference, a preference is already personal by itself. Kind of reminds me of people saying irregardless.

  • SSG(SuperStareGry) says:

    Everyone talks about performance and how these more expensive tablets are full of it. In reality this doesnt matter. Maybe 5 years ago yes but nottoday. Even mid range snapdragon can provide enough performance for more than 90% of users. There are really a handfull of apps that need this much power. Same applies to todays phones no need to spend 1k plus on a new phone as most of that money goes into marketing. I would always rather pick worse cpu but never save on screen and camera. Anyways this is samsung so software as always is horrible with few to none updates to come. Life span of samsung devices is 12 months after that time sammy moves on leaving oder devices behind.

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