33 thoughts on “The Game Changers”

  • Beef Magazine doesnt like Plant Eaters

  • Great job with this movie! I’m a pharmacist who just started her own business-helping patients get off medications using plant-based nutrition. For anyone that’s interested please share or visit pharmacy2table.com. Thanks! I can help you even remotely

  • Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living says:

    This is a GREAT movie. Not preachy but to the point. THIS is the movie Everyone needs to see; not just for athletes!

  • Oxen and other grazing animals also do pretty much nothing but chew all day. I love to see healthy happy people, and for those that thrive on a vegan/vegetarian type diet, I'm happy that you've found something that works for you. My personal experience is that my energy and mood greatly improved, and the swelling I would get in my ankles completely went away when I cut out everything but organic beef. I also only feel the need to eat once per day, in the early afternoon. Don't get me wrong, I actually WANT to eat more plant based, but my health suffered greatly when I tried living that way. I'm in the process of slowly trying to introduce different plant based foods back into my diet, but, so far, every time, …low energy, ankles swell, etc. I'm 45, and I don't have high cholesterol issues. Another thing I noticed is that my vision sharpened when I eliminated all but beef. Sorry …this ended up longer than I intended… My point is that we can't assume that something that works for us, works for everyone else. Again, media and marketing is largely to blame, but there is so much that we still don't understand about our own bodies. It's like we wake up one day in this super advanced machine, but whoever put us here forgot to leave the manual.

  • Tony Donaldson says:

    Don't forget, James Cameron has a serious stake in a company that makes pea protein. And most of the products that use pea protein isolate are highly processed. Vegan or not, we have yet to outperform nature for nutrition by making things in the lab.

  • Tony Donaldson says:

    Arnold still eats steak. And he didn't get where he is by eating plants. Yeah, there were steroids, but it was a lot of steak. He still admits that.

  • i believe it. tho im sure eating meat once or twice a week like 2-3 ounces each session. we can eat meat why shouldn't we. we definitely eat meat every meal every day all year around ontop of it each session of eating contains like 10ounces of meat lmfao but shit.

  • 1 I commented on cholesterol would be lower.
    2 point I am making is plants are incomplete source of proteins as stated in the article I posted they lack several amino acids that we need so asked if they are supplemented. But typical of people online obscure the question and comment with the it's not right to kill animals. Lions? I'm not a lion and don't eat lions so why bring that up, it's completely invalid for the questions I have. You probably think Arnold Schwarzenegger got his chest to be bigger than your head from eating leafy greens and doing super sets as well. People killing animals like lions and elephants for decorations is terrible, but I would wager you're sitting in a leather chair ranting about animal rights. If that's your stance, that's fine I'm not arguing that. Please keep your comments to yourself if they are not relevant to my post. Plants do not provide the full array of amino acids that humans need to eat, not lions, so are the people on this plant base diet supplement the missing amino acids in some way?

  • I believe in the plant based diets but if you dont wanna go completely vegan like that just eat salmon and chicken and veggies idc what no one says those are the 2 best meat you can eat health wise. Ever hear of how some people that are really fit end up dieing of heart problems real young like 50 cause most of thier diets were solely based off red meat. Red meat is not good for you

  • seems like an advertisement for vegan shit to me. All these names like jackie chan and arnold are probably just names there for money. Arnold did a thing just a few days or weeks ago talking about needing healthy red meat

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