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Shane Crown, Luke Field, & Danielle Radford figure out a five-time championship and an MTG fan question.


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Mike Trapp
Shane Crown
Luke Field
Danielle Radford

Director – Francesca McLafferty
Writer – Michael Saltzman
Producer – Francesca McLafferty
Co-Producer – Annie Humphreville
Director of Photography – Santiago Bahti
HMU – Nayari Navas
Sound Mixer – Danny Carpenter for BoTown Sound
Editor – Trace McNabb


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30 thoughts on “The Game Show of Nerdy Corrections (Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, Star Trek)”

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    Don't live in CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND or the U.S., sign up here:

  • candycornman64 says:

    Um actually, that's not a final fantasy VI chocobo, the game GoGo is from. Also um actually, by the time you get GoGo, chocobos become obsolete so he never woulda rode one anyway. :p

  • Um actually according to Discworld time is not flat, according to the History Monks “Time is like a lot of things all rolled up…” (Sweeper to Vimes NightWatch)

  • Um, actually. EL James used that because female authors are encouraged by publishers not to use their full name because they think males won't want to read a book by a female. JK Rowling did it too.

  • Daniel Cervera Holman says:

    Umm Actually Niv Mizzet has lived for 16768 years as stated in the prelude to the War of the Spark novel released in 2019

  • Bryan Hathaway says:

    Um Actually the world of Fantastica in the Never ending story is undefined in its geography. In fantastica the geography is decided by where one wants to go. If you want to go somewhere just set out in any random direction and you'll end up there. Techinically the world is only flat if the destination one wants to find is the edge of the world. So in conclusion Fantastica is only sometimes flat and most times its not anything shaped.

  • Dee Gravelrama says:

    Um actually, Booker T is NOT the most decorated wrestler in WCW history. Not even close – Ric Flair has won the World Heavyweight Championship 16 times! Woooooo!!

  • Um actually the title is misleading as there were no mentions of Jurassic park in it even though i assume it is in the full episode

  • I find it important to clear up that Niv-Mizzet is not just some member of the Izzet guild, he is the guild master and founder of Izzet. Izzet is literally the latter part of his name without the m. Mizzet->Izzet. I know this is not a mistake of the show creators, but i still want to clear up the things contestants say.

  • Uhm actually… Fantasien ( the world of the never ending story) also isn't flat. As it is a place of imagination with the borders in the center it is a multi-dimensional place!

  • The Defective Blonde says:

    Um, actually ARDA (Middle-Earth is more like a continent or landmass within Arda) remains flat to the elves, who can take the straight path to Valinor.

  • 6:00 To answer the question, Marketing has shown that books that list only a single author sell better than books with multiple authors listed. This information comes from an author that I asked this exact question to, Tim Marquitz.

  • Alan Oliveira Duarte says:

    It took you LONG ENOUGH to make a Magic The Gathering question, you dorks! (I actually don't even know, is this their first one? If not, still they are rarer than a shiny question, that's for sure!)

  • I want Stephen Colbert vs Brennan on the topic of Lord of The Rings, D&D, & comedy on “Umm Actually”. Also Stephen Colbert needs to be on a one shot of Brennan’s D&D campaign. If you could get Ben from Puffin Forest or Harley from Epic Meal Time for a longer campaign on Dimension 20 that would be great too.

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