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Jordan Doll, Nick Marini, & Liam Senior dunk on Lakitu & identify time travel timelines


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Mike Trapp
Jordan Doll
Nick Marini
Liam Senior

Director – Francesca McLafferty
Writer – Michael Saltzman
Producer – Francesca McLafferty
Co-Producer – Annie Humphreville
Director of Photography – Santiago Bahti
HMU – Nayari Navas
Sound Mixer – Danny Carpenter for BoTown Sound
Editor – Trace McNabb


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40 thoughts on “The Game Show of Nerdy Corrections (Mario, Stranger Things, Stephen King)”

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  • How come none of these people knew who Richard Feynman is?! 😮
    I was staring blankly at the screen in awe… have these guys never physics'd in their entire lives?!

  • I don’t usually comment on here, but umm actually, Outlander goes back and forth. She initially goes back then forward then back again but about 20 years later.

  • Lawrence Bombay says:

    Ummm actually it's pronounced like fine man and I would have gotten it if you said it like I have heard it pronounced so many times

  • Amanda Skinner says:

    UM ACTUALLY in the beginning of Stranger Things season 1, they were fighting lesser mobs, only fearing that the demogorgon, would show up, they didn't start out fighting it.

  • Honestly thought the one where time was jumping back and forth from 1976 to early 1800's might have been a reference to Walker Texas Ranger, where the scene shifts and Chuck Norris plays the role of Ace Cooper, back in the 1800's. I would not assume it was early enough to be considered early 1800's, or even call it Time Travel because the characters don't actually exist in both ears, but merely resemble one another.

    Either way, that was just my fun thought

  • Um Actually Claire is able to go back to the future (1945ish), then spends 18 years in the future until going back in time (1765ish) with her daughter.

  • Amanda Albrecht says:

    Um actually, IIRC, there is no time-travel forward in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. He's just put into a magical hibernation and wakes up again when his original time is current again.

  • I had to question the Feynman one until it was established one of the pseudonyms was false. My original thought was are these all names of famous people and Feynman is just the only one I know?

  • MaryAnn Mallard says:

    Um actually………In the sequels to the Outlander book, as well as the show, the female protagonist goes back to 1946 then stays for a number of years before going back to the 18th century.

  • That time question was fucking rough. I recognized Chrono Trigger and figured out Prince of Persia but only sorta guessed at Outlander.

  • ayacachotinemi says:

    Umm, actually… orks are brilliant engineers. Or at least, some of them are.

    For all that they pretend to be a bunch of anarchist barbarians bouncing around the galaxy having fun fighting, Orks are actually a highly stratified caste society, not unlike an ant colony (although not centralised around a queen). Each Ork has a genetically determined role – most Orks are soldiers, but a minority are genetically programmed with special skills. Some Orks are born with the ability to patch up other Orks (Painboyz, the Ork equivalent of a doctor). Others are born with an affinity for squigs, an animals which has a symbiotic relationship with ork society. Some Orks are born with overt psychic powers which they can use on the battlefield.

    And then there are the Mekboyz, Ork engineers, who have an inbuilt knowledge of all things mechanical. Although their genetically-programmed knowledge can be a little rough-and-ready, the fact that they're born with engineering skills it would take decades to train a human to learn surely qualifies them as brilliant engineers.

    The whole psychic field Waagh thing is also true, but most of the time it acts more to smooth and improve the operation of stuff built by the Mekboyz, rather than conjuring working technology out of pure piles of scrap.

  • Ryan Davenport says:

    aggressive corrections are far more fun than nerdy corrections. So, if you must correct others then be aggressive about it since there is nothing nerdy about aggression. Pro-tip for nerds that like to correct people.

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