Discover what’s new with with a walk through of the new Design, Develop, and Tools landing pages. Learn how to access our Tools and Material Studies available to designers and developers. This video is part of our Design Bytes playlist, check out our other videos to learn more about how Material helps you build beautiful usable products faster.

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40 thoughts on “The New”

  • Iswar Kumar Chettri says:

    Thank you google … I am having problem in creating row in angular material. Defined here in the link given below

  • Automatic Material Design custom controls for HTML5 video elements. Simply add a class to your video element. The script does the rest.

  • I always loved Material Design… There is so much thought put into it… Now its even better and I love the fact that its all accessible and open source so everyone can Start building their own material Themed Apps… Thank you Google!!!

  • I see a lot of people with questions about what this is and what they can do with it. for the most part is just design documentation that explains how their components should function. This isn't code documentation, it's design guidelines and rules.

    If you want to create an app with Material Design, there are plenty of projects that support Material Design for different frameworks or you can just import the components directly and use them with standard CSS.

    Head over to here: for all the repos for Material Components to use in your app. Alternatively, you can use third party created components for Vue, React, etc.

    The developer tutorials can be found here:
    You can learn how to import these components and start building an app using Material Design right away.

    For those that want to integrate Material Design into their existing frameworks like Vue and React, you'll need to find the appropriate sources for those. The Material Design components allow for different levels of integration to allow third party developers to support these components more closely to your desired frameworks.

    For those that want to look at the Material Theme Editor, there's a video on it. Just so you know, it's for Sketch only which means macOS only. I checked it out and unless you're doing mobile apps, the material theme editor isn't worth downloading. My suggestion instead would be just to find out how to configure the theme on whatever you're using and use the color tool either here: or scroll to the bottom of this page here: which also generates other colors to complement your selections.

    Hopefully this helps.

  • Pulkit goyal says:

    Very nice. Another great tool from Google to improve the design and development workflows.
    Just out of curiosity though: Was the presenter in the video reading and speaking simultaneously? the eye movement was indicating that clearly in the end. Of the video. 😋

  • Nice. Now if we could actually implement that stuff I'd be a happy man. But I had to discover that the new Edges and Cut Corners etc are not yet fully supported on Android. So I either don't use them, wait, or implement a hacky solution until you guys get this done.

  • Anoop Chandra says:

    This is great! Any updates when can we expect the more customization option for web version of material ? and Material Theme editor for different platforms (Like Adobe XD for Windows) ?

  • The most flawed component of material design, is by far the snack bar system. It's disruptive and prevents user interaction. They really need to revisit this behavior and come up with the new system. Yes they look really pretty but it comes at the cost of being annoying to the user because it blocks user interaction.

  • jaime caballero says:

    Can i design dashboard for iot system, using data con google cloud iot core? Or google sheets or any other sources ? Anyway really good product thank you!

  • Give to apple developer the oportunity to use just apple designs. We don't want material design in iOS. That's because Apple has their own design lines.

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