In the NOBODY ASKED Season 1 finale, Marisah and Alina play a classic game of Roomieweds (you know the one!) and answer the question that keeps everyone up at night: what color underwear are you wearing right now? 😉 Watch as we win money while simultaneously creating more trust issues to bring up at therapy.

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NOBODY ASKED is a brand new series featuring Santa Monica’s finest residents, Marisah Yazbek and Alina Ezzi! It’s a show about two friends, bored out of their minds, yearning to make digital content for the internet and placing bets on which of them will be the first to do their signature wheeze-laugh.

Join them every Wednesday until they die (or find a boyfriend…whichever comes first)!

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NOBODY ASKED explores practical solutions to life’s impractical questions through the eyes of two best friends, marisah & alina, who both think they are the funniest person they know.

friendly, honest (sometimes brutally), and relatable (at least to each other), they hope you enjoy their banter. if not, ah well!

alina’s a triple-taurus who loves talking film & television, but probably hasn’t seen your favorite show because she has 100+ items in her queue.

marisah’s a magnet for weird medical emergencies, wants to learn another two languages, and a Seinfeld devotee above all else.

two middle-eastern latinas set out to conquer the world (or at least YouTube) by bringing you weekly doses of belly-wrenching wheeze-till-you-can’t-breathe laughter, friendship, and maybe a refreshing perspective or two on things like…ya know….THINGS!

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