Quick footage from my shoulder mounted GoPro of my trip out to Beijing, China on my way to Lenovo Tech World & Innovation Tour.

If you’re wondering what the strange muzak and sounds are… that’s just audio recorded at breakfast in the hotel. lol. How ‘on the road’ can you get!!!

Absolutely great trip. Love China. The place is so clean. The people are super friendly and Lenovo are looking after me! Can’t wait to see some very cool tech.

I’m having to post this late of course because of the great ‘Firewall of China’ wouldn’t let me on YouTube even with VPNs – It was just going super slooooow. Stay tuned over the next few days and I’ll post more vlog posts to give you that live feeling – even though I am back now. Shhh. Just pretend and we’ll have a load of fun. Catch me on Twitter and Instagram too for all the pics 😉

For full disclosure, Lenovo sponsored the trip however I was not paid and all the opinions are my own.

Until next time, keep on creating!

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source: https://pub-ed-inquiry.org

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