Belle Delphine is a pink-wigged 19-year-old cosplayer, gamer, and social media star who made headlines by selling her used bathwater to her fans online. Who is she, really? Did this so-called “gamer girl bathwater” really make people sick? What does this all mean?! This is the untold truth of Belle Delphine.

Selling “gamer girl bathwater” to “thirsty gamer boys” on the internet is bizarre, but Delphine didn’t hatch the plan entirely on her own. She was inspired by her followers. In an interview with Newsweek, the Instagram star, called perhaps “The Greatest Troll on the Internet” by Rolling Stone, admitted she came up with the idea after her fans kept commenting on her photos, claiming they wanted to drink her bath water. Delphine said,

“I wondered if I actually were to take the joke seriously and sell my bathwater if there would be people out there that would buy it. I sold around 500 units, far more than I expected, and I had to rebuy containers as I didn’t have enough! And I was very surprised at the huge response I got, I didn’t think my bathwater would get this much attention.”

At $30 a pop, the self-proclaimed “weird elf kitty girl” made around $15,000. Some YouTubers who supposedly purchased the bathwater drank it on camera — one guy claims he even made make mac and cheese and instant ramen with it.

Delphine’s stunt went viral in more ways than one. Shortly after it made headlines, dirty rumors surfaced claiming the bath water gave more than 50 people herpes. According to Snopes, the whole STD story turned out to be a hoax launched by a fake Daily Mail Twitter account. Delphine herself also personally refuted the herpes claims on Instagram…

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The bathwater business | 0:22
Who is she? | 1:43
Following the influencer formula | 3:10
What does this all mean? | 4:07
What’s it all worth? | 4:49


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