Synergy Pharmaceuticals is at the forefront of scientific research and new product development focusing on viral diseases. After years of research and testing Synergy have been successful in developing a product that has cured people infected with herpes. This medical breakthrough is set to revolutionise the medical associations approach to viral diseases.

This is the first time that evidence has proven that subjects who were infected by the Herpes Simplex Virus have undergone a treatment and then shown with further medical evidence that they have been cured from the disease. This has never been achieved before and it brings us one step closer to ending herpes worldwide.

This treatment uses a multifaceted approach to improve the body’s natural immune system response, which has several compounding effects to eliminate the herpes simplex virus (HSV).

This treatment incorporates 5 core ingredients, the first being Lysine. The Lysine acts to starve HSV of its essential sustenance to reproduce being Arginine. In doing so, it makes the existing herpes cells detectible to the immune system so that antibodies and T Cells can then effectively respond to the virus.

Astragalus is the key in the activation and regulation of macrophages that are potent in combating the HSV infection. The replication of the HSV cell structure within the neural ganglia is controlled by macrophages. Given Astragalus is capable of stimulating macrophages it plays a crucial compounding role in the process.

This allows Rhodiola, which is a powerful adaptogen to normalise the nervous system function, and acts as a mechanism to eradicate viral antigen expression. Tribulus works to increase the potency of Rhodiola, there by amplifying its beneficial properties.

The principal catalyst though, in Synergy’s protocol is the Amino Acid Formula. It is capable of enabling the immune system to create and increase the production of T Cells that then spread throughout the nervous system. T Cells are an adaptive immune response integral to the elimination of the herpes viral cells within both the sacral ganglion and the trigeminal ganglion.

Keeping this process in mind, no antiviral medication has been able to kill the herpes virus, they only act to reduce their reproduction and suppress the outbreaks. Synergy Pharmaceuticals combination treatment is a revolution in the complete eradication of HSV 1 and HSV 2.

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