Time Toys

TIME TOYS is a sci-fi family adventure about four twelve-year-old boys who come across a mysterious chest with the words “Shadow Project” on it. The box contains the strangest toys ever: tennis shoes that make the awkward kid run super fast and climb walls; a baseball cap that turns the academically challenged boy into a genius; gloves that turn another boy into a karate expert; and a face changing mask that turns the plain looking lead boy into the heart throb dream date of the prettiest girl in school. One of the gadgets, a 3-D holographic encyclopedia, reveals that the toys are from 25 years in the future! Finding the image of tomorrow’s local newspaper, the boys read the headline, “Four Local Boys Missing”. Underneath are the four boys’ pictures. Before they can react, men in suits and black cars come after them and the chase is on. The four kids must now use these incredible futuristic toys to save themselves and solve the mystery of the Shadow Project. With the help of a reclusive homeless man known only as “The Wiz” (Ed Begley, Jr.), they ultimately solve the mystery and race to stop a billionaire madman, Billy Weller (Greg Germann), who’s using a diabolical time travel scheme to take over America.

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50 thoughts on “Time Toys”

  1. Can someone tell me if there we’ll be a part 2 I can what if so let me know ware I can Watch it I’m going to spread this movie around like a wildfire and I need that mask lol

  2. This Movie is a hidden gem. Sure the acting could be better let alone the SFX but the writing is good and its a fun film. If made a bit better it could of been a classic kids movie like say Disney had grabbed onto this as a disney original movie and fleshed it out I could definitely see a tv spinoff that could of happened (Maybe even a successful one)

  3. did the kichen hell dude play in this cuz he go a mcdonald hairline he look like the dude frome backstereet boys LOL LMAO

  4. Good movie on YouTube I have a lot of movies on my playlist that you do not have to pay I recommend time toys for everyone it's a good movie for everybody to watch😅⏳👍

  5. Good movie first time seeing it keep downloading movies thanks YouTube I love the movie because time travel it's great for the whole family. I don't have nothing to watch at night I just get my phone go to YouTube and go to my playlist and watch all my favorite movies and this is one of my favorite ones that's on my playlist and I have more in my playlist🍿⏳

  6. Youtube says "your browser does recognize any of the video formats available" but when I click on the link to frequently asked questions about HTML5 video, the browser check says it I'm fantastic and it should work, how about you dummies at YouTube pull your thumb out and fix your shit? You're a big company, do you think maybe you should put on your big boy pants and fix this crap?

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