The Stuttering Gamer bringing you more content from Japan! Join me as I take you on a tour and share my experiences at the event with you. Tokyo Game Show 2019 was my first time visiting the annual trade show, and attending it was a long-time goal of mine. 🙂
Everyone from Capcom, Konami, Samsung, Sony, Bandai Namco, Taito, SNK, and tons more were exhibiting.

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One thought on “Tokyo Game Show 2019! First Visit, Experience Tour, & Thoughts! | The Stuttering Gamer”

  • Airsoft is super fun, and I've only done target hitting. An oddicial STARS sidearm would be sweet.
    SUPER HYPED for Sakura Wars. We got only the last game on PS2 and Wii, none of the previous, but we got the anime at least.
    Yakuza 7 is gonna be weird but great, wonder if thsoe booth babes are in the game?
    Probably gonan pass on Project Resistance.
    Shit, Code Vein is out real soon. I forgot to preorder it.
    Kakrot looks hype
    TRAIN SIMULATOR!!! Limited Run Games recently released one of the A-Train ones for PS4

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