Listen, I’m almost certainly going to make a part 2 to this video as I’ve already thought of some great Easter eggs that didn’t make the cut here. Still, these are 15 top quality video game Easter eggs that were either found in games released in 2019 or were updated to include an Easter egg in 2019.

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This vide features:
Rainbow Six Siege Raving Rabbids Outback Easter Egg
For Honor Raving Rabbids April Fools Easter Egg
Borderlands 3 South Park Easter Egg
Hitman 2 The Shining Easter Egg
Layers Of Fear 2 The Shining Easter Egg
Fortnite Save The World The Shining Easter Egg
The Blair Witch Game Prank Call Pizza Guy Easter Egg
Gears 5 Secret Fish Weapon Easter Egg
Gears 5 Cole On The Train Easter Eggs
Police Stories Back To The Future Easter Egg
Hunt Showdown Back To The Future Easter Egg
Rainbow Six Siege Back To The Future Easter Egg
Generation Zero Back To The Future Easter Egg
Squad Metal Ball and Zombies Easter Egg


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