I purchased #Lenovo Tab E7 for £59 to replace my broken Nexus 7 2013.
Its half the spec of the Nexus 7, feels cheap and tacky, the screen is bad, and the battery life is poor. But at least it was cheap, so I don’t care so much about the built in obsolescence.

Comes with #Android 8.1 #Oreo, Go Edition (built for lightweight smartphones).

Some Lenovo Videos:
Ubuntu 17.10 And Other Linux Distros Damaging Lenovo BIOS:
Lenovo Caught using Rootkit to install unremovable Crapware:
Lenovo only made about $250K from SuperFish:

source: https://pub-ed-inquiry.org

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44 thoughts on “Unboxing and Look at Lenovo Tab E7 – Budget 7 Inch Tablet”

  • Amazon Affiliate link, in case anyone really wants this budget tablet: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07KY1RMSF/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=6738&creativeASIN=B07KY1RMSF&linkCode=as2&tag=quidsup-21&linkId=b4ce4456bd1824efe0f2e8c5a9c14ef3

  • dude buy all your android electronics on ebay, literally wtf are you buying this piece of junk for.
    A year after launch its usually half price and a half a year later its usually half of half price.

  • Simply Tech Reviews says:

    What happened between 2008 and 2019 for Lenovo to go from producing the Thinkpad x200 to this pile of shit?
    From a quick peek at XDA I can't even find any custom firmware for it so I guess you will be stuck on android 8 until you throw it away
    Shame on you, Lenovo!

  • Shame you're giving up on nexus 7… There are still a lot of active porters keeping AOSP and Lineage up to date for it.

    Also "flo" variant can run both ubports Kali nethunter and sailfishOS with some tinkering. The latter can use a modified AlienDalvik patch (from Mako – Nexus 4) to run android apps as well along native ones.

    If you want to give it another go, the half screen not working is probably the flex cable that runs along the battery on the back, it's really easy to take apart and you can replace the battery while you're at it. It'd be a nice video to se you revitalize an "obsolete" device with less than $60 in parts and linux.

  • Why did you buy it? You haven't had enough money at that moment? I have Lenovo tablet too (since 2014) and it's garbage. Bad screen, weak hardware, bad quality of plastic, bad firmware.

  • My Nexus 7 2013 runs Lineage OS Nougat Build with the Jan 2019 Security Patch, and can go higher If I need too. My oneplus one runs Android 9 Pie with Custom ROMS and has the Franco Kernal. I can assign how much CPU certain apps like Messenger and what not use. The only Issue I had with the Nexus 7 is that it died (Because of me) and I got a broken Nexus 7 off ebay for £20 and Took the board from it. My oneplus one needed a new battery and now it lasts a very long time. I have an app called drivedroid that lets me store ISOs on my phone and when one of them is selected I can emulate a Flash Drive and boot a Windows ISO or Linux on anybodies PC. Very handy because we always carry our phones with us lol If you feel like giving your nexus a shot at custom ROMS, Drive droid is something you will like. You need ROOT for it to emulate a FLash Drive and it can emulate a CD ROM DRIVE and the PC Bios picks it all up in the boot menu!

  • Loved my Nexus 7 2013. It was sad when Google stopped updating it. The specs are still good for a tablet and screen resolution is better than many budget tablets. I have thought about putting LineageOS on it but it's likely just going to gather dust.

    I am staying clear of these Android tablets mostly because they never get security updates. I think only Google's overpriced tablet actually gets updates. The iPad Air still gets updates (maybe not much longer) but then you are in Apple's walled garden.

  • Man you look so depressed in this video… Dude, call some friends, go to the pub, drinks a few beers, bring this tablet and forget it there!

  • The nexus 7 still has a great life to live with custom rom. I am using my nexus 10 (circa 2012) to watch this video. Omni Rom


  • Fluffy Floofer says:

    3:05 Dude, have you been bit by a bug or something? 1Gig'o'RAM, and not even 5gig WiFi? Also, Mediatek isn't exactly known for amazing performance. You know, you could eat for a few weeks, for 60 bucks. Meh, Android 8.1 might be an upgrade.

  • Tanmoy Dasgupta says:

    Just a correction:
    Raspberry PI 3 and 3B+ have 64-bit ARM CPUs. But Raspbian is 32 bit. In fact, you can install Aarch64 Ubuntu Mate 18.04 in Raspberry Pi3 and 3B+.

  • Mark Jorgensen says:

    I believe Android GO will receive updates from Google. I think it's just Android with a few modifications from the manufacturer.

  • Casual Citizen says:

    That's funny. I bought the exact same 2 years ago. It was cheap what's the worst than can happen? Not much, but it was slow, it had barely any storage, and it had a shitty display with a pretty low resolution. I like to play games while watching tv or youtube, so that's what I hoped I would use it for, which I did for a little while. But my new phone has a much better display and almost the same size without a thick bezel 😛 I guess at least I learned how a tab can fulfill a purpose that a laptop or a phone not quite can. If I ever buy a new one I'm going to spend a few more quids to get one with a proper display and a bit size to it.

  • to be honest you coul'd have probably snagged an older iPad air for cheap and that thing would continue to receive updates for at least a year or two.

  • Please do not buy devices from lenovo, because they usually give one or two updates and they abandon their devices. Most android devices like most tablets or devices like Lenovo yoga book or even phones, do not get updates later and you will stay with old version of android .

    They do not make update later, people are running away from them.

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