More game show games, man? Are you serious? You think people really want to see this? I miss when MTV was good. I also miss the days when I had nothing but time to kill and tv to watch.

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intro/outro: @hokiebriz


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5 thoughts on “What’s up with game show games on the NES? Part 2 – NESfriend”

  • I remember the Funhouse host from the Gamepro TV show. I remember setting my alarm for 5:00am on the weekends to hopefully catch an episode of Gamepro.

  • My Life In Collecting says:

    Another good video Trav…of some crappy games. I remember renting these back in the day and unfortunately I also watch these shows. It's always funny to see how everyone dressed back then.
    thanks for sharing an keep up the good work!
    Cheers, Joe

  • Cannot be Tamed says:

    Remote Control looks cool, I love trivia. Had no idea that Yankee Doodles were a snack though.

    There were a surprising number of shows where children ended up covered in slime…

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