Reflecting on the state of laptop buying in 2019 and paying homage to one of the great laptops of our time the Aliewnare 13R3

Equipment Used:

Aero 17 Laptop:
Samsung 970 Evo Plus:
Camera Lens:
Laptop Stand:
Shotgun Mic:
Lav Mic:

My Aero 15 OLED Review:

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28 thoughts on “Why Buying a Laptop in 2019 Sucks!”

  • So you're that kind of guy who knows and consumes only the major overrated brands!I knew that from your requirements list.

  • honestly , other than the horrible quality control , the ridiculous prices are the other thing , im waiting for the next cheap AMD laptop

  • Marius Nilsen says:

    I agree. I'm a bit of a laptop nerd myself and it's not easy to find the right one. I'm currently waiting for the new 16-inch MacBook Pro to see how that one pans out.

  • Galaxy FX | أفتر افيكتس says:

    Josh, YouTube people generally start with bad quality videos and keep improving. You started from the top! Please try to work on your expanding strategies, some simple call to action graphics at the end of the video might have a good impact. Keep up the great work

  • Leandro Noronha says:

    Just found you and I’ve got to say your reviews are really good. You actually look the laptops in the consumers eyes. I don’t know what else to say but your really good at pointing out things that the regular customer would experience. Imma sub to you as I enjoy seeing your reviews!

  • Salvi Souljah says:

    Cool video Josh, I'm glad someone is talking about these Issues. These companies seem to be getting away with producing poo products dressed in fancy cloths.
    Quick question if I may … do you have a recommendation for a laptop that can perform well with a Video Editing software and a Music DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation) ?

  • Agree… we are living in sad times for laptops. The rubbish that is being peddled today is pretty horrible and spans nearly every brand. Quality control is non-existent and engineering is poor. The marketing is deceptive and laced with lies. Some of the best performing and most reliable laptops have mediocre build quality and lackluster displays. Most of the products with the largest price tags and nicest chassis build quality have serious thermal management problems, poor performance and are generally unreliable. It is inexcusable and the people that build them don't care enough to do things right.

  • Try the Eluktronics mag 15, it has solved many problems the thin and light laptops had, also has a good price. Only becasue it is not made by a big name company it dosent catch much eyeballs.

  • The Historical Idiots says:

    i had a similar experience. The dell xps 15 was for many years my dream laptop. so in 2018 i decided to get the xps 15 9570 at the time the lastest model. I had to return and get a new device 4 times before requesting a refund and eventually settling with the surfacebook 2 15. The fact that the company have been making the device for multiple generations and still cant get quality control right is sad at this point.

  • Why do you keep referring to us as "team"? Makes no sense. Don't bring that cringey corporate manager's term for his padawans here.

  • Great video Josh! I agree on all your points. I won't touch Razer laptops based on all the nightmare stories about quality control and support. Just about every laptop I have owned has had some issues. I wish manufacturer's would get it right.

  • Thanks for this video. I am in this boat right now. I simply do not know which laptop to buy after 2 years of searching due to the QC issues from every manufacturer.

  • Looks like I'm gonna be rolling the dice on a MSI GS65 with a 2070maxq. I really wanted an OLED but I can't stand coil whine and it seems to be one thing MSI gets right with their QA.

  • This video is spot on. It all really comes down to the first manufacturer who decides to take quality control more seriously since all of the others will follow to keep up with competition. Take a look at Razer ceo's social media. The guy is too egotistical and delusional to consider any shortcomings his laptops have. It's really pathetic. You would think a boutique would take advantage of this, but they seem to have the same issues as well

  • Yousef Khelosy says:

    Great Video I Liked It, Everything you said is the frustration we always experience. I think i might be going Asus Zenbook Pro Duo, just because everyone I know said their QC is great and their warranty is 3 years global and the laptop is top Notch Internals, if you ever read the comment, what do you think of it ? I don't care about weight or gaming at high frame rates, I would rather have a better OLED screen with HDR 500 True Black and a 60Hz gaming experience on a well cooled machine and have Asus's three year worldwide warranty as I could be traveling alot in the next few years due to work, thanks for your well informed and relevant videos I do enjoy them.
    Note: Gigabyte is a No for me because of their low quality chase and very limited warranty on both years and locations

  • Greetings Josh, this video perfectly describes how I feel about laptops on the market right now. I’ve owned an Alienware 13 R1 for three years and it’s definitely time for an upgrade. However, I don’t like how 2019 laptops, particularly with OLED displays, compromise certain features that are clearly not compromised on the 13 R3. I know the 13 R3 is definitely past its prime, so I don’t see myself getting one unless I can pair it with a nice high-end eGPU. Considering Alienware laptops have sidestepped since 2017, would you consider the m15 R2 to be a worthy successor of the 13? The m15 R2 feels like the only comparable option that could replace my 13 R1.

  • Christian Song says:

    Hi Josh, great video !. I too am staying away from Razer products as I had way too many issues to deal with. Thankfully, I bought mine from Microsoft store and MS allowed me to get Surface Book 2 after getting 5 defective products sequentially. For me, I need high end computer to do machine learning related tasks, fluid dynamic modeling, video editing and sometimes CAD. So I'm waiting for the review from Notebookcheck on Lenovo Thinkpad p53, as it uses regular (non max-Q version) version of Quadro RTX 5000. I'm also looking at Asus ProArt Studiobook one too (hope that it isn't so expensive). I'm a bit hesitant to buy a new laptop right now because I want to see two things (1) whether Intel can make its performance chip at 10 nm (not another 14nm ++++++) (2) AMD intends to introduce its new chip to laptop market (AMD has been killing desktop market as you know). Nvidia will bring its new product at higher density next year (and I expect it will be huge boost assuming it will use Samsung's latest EUV technology) so that's another thing I want to keep in mind. I was looking at Mac Pro but I can't justify the price ( the base model is just so lackluster and the base model, which costs more than $6000, is getting beaten by $3000 Imac.. ), after projecting future overall cost (i.e. +Apple Care, Monitor, 1k stand (thanks Apple), Apple's own modular systems so they will be freaking expensive, questionable layout for its motherboard, etc)…. BTW, I really really love your channel.. You're one of the few YouTuber here that are not misleading products (ahem "Linus Tech Tips", "Dave2D" and bunch of others). Keep up the good work!!

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