Yi Long (China) 一龙 vs Leo Bönniger (Germany) Kickboxing Fight Boxing
Credits to Wu Lin Feng World

2015-04-18 in Wu Lin Feng Germany

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Yi Long (Chinese: 一龙; pinyin: yī lóng), birth name Liu Xingjun (Chinese: 刘星君; pinyin: Liú Xīngjūn),[2] is a practitioner of Chinese Wushu and other martial arts who competes in the Super Welterweight, Welterweight and Super Middleweight divisions.
Born in Dezhou, Shandong, Yi is self-trained in Shaolin Kung Fu.
He was the 2007 Guangdong Foshan International Wing Chun champion.
In the summer of 2009, he began to fight in Wu Lin Feng.
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