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A normal workout with the Paschimottânasana Clamp is valuable for a physical training equivalent to a minimum 5 km running session.

This pose Paschimottânasana _ with the meaning of “Posterior stretch”, although simple and easy to practice, it is possible to give a lot of special benefits to the practitioner, such as:

– Extends the hamstrings, shoulders, spine and spinal cord
– Softens hip joints, treats sciatica and knee pain
– Reduces belly fat, reduces obesity, refines waist, hips and thighs
– Stimulates liver, intestine, spleen and kidneys
– Stimulates digestion, heals anorexia
– Reduces constipation, reduces stomach pain
– Cures female infertility, stimulate the ovary and uterus
– Reduces symptoms of menopause and menstrual discomfort
– Cures male infertility, improves sperm power
– Treats high blood pressure, insomnia and sinusitis
– Reduces headaches, stress, anxiety and depression.

In order to be able to enjoy the great benefits that the internship can bring, you need to practice it properly, following the instructions in the video.

Van-Kien DOAN
Docteur en Physio-Pathologie

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